Getting A Library Card

Please note that by signing for a library card, you agree to abide by the policies set forth in the Covington County Library System Policy Manual. That manual may be downloaded HERE.

A.  WHO MAY USE THE LIBRARY  (download your library card application HERE)

1.  The Covington County Library System serves all residents in the area.  Library service will not be denied to anyone because of religious, racial, social, economic or political status; mental, emotional or physical condition; age; or sexual orientation.  Children under the age of 8 may not be left unattended at the Library.  The Library has adopted a Safe Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy. (See Appendices)

2.  All materials may be used free of charge.  To check out materials, individuals must apply for a library card.  Documentation needed at the time of library card registration is:

(1) a form of government-issued identification ( driver’s license or other government-issued id cards) (NOTE: driver’s license may be used as identification or address verification, but not both.)

(2) proof of residence (such as current utility statement of services, checkbook with name and address, or current tax receipt).

One must be at least 5 years of age to apply for a library card.  Children ages 5-17 must have a parent show personal identification and proof of address.  Children under age 18 must use parents or guardian’s proof of address as listed above.  Children age 18 and older may produce a driver’s license, birth certificate, school identification or computer-generated school schedule or report card if the parent is not present.  Patrons who wish to only use the library computers may get an Internet-Use Only card with identification.  This card will not allow one to check out materials.

3.  The patron must have his/her library card to check out materials or to use the computer.  If a person has possession of a library card, it is understood by the staff that the person has express permission to use the card, unless that card is reported lost or stolen. All library cards expire yearly.  Renewal of the card requires verification of the patron’s identification. Any outstanding fines and bills must be cleared in order to renew a library card.

4.  If a patron loses his library card or it is stolen, it is the responsibility of the patron to notify the library.  Upon notification, the library will immediately block all usage of the library card.  If the patron does not notify the Library, any items checked out on this card will be the responsibility of the patron.  A replacement card costs $1.00 and requires proof of identification.

5.  A citizen who does not live in Covington County (non-resident) may use materials while in the Library.  He/she may also use the library’s computers by leaving a current driver’s license at the library desk during the period of use. A non-resident who resides in a zip code adjacent to or including Covington County (39119, 39428, 39479, 39111, 39116, 39168, 39480, 39459, 39402, 39482, 39421, 39474, and 39140) may apply for a library card by providing identification and proof of residence. Non-residents outside this area may apply for a card, but must also pay a yearly $10.00 out-of-system fee.

Download your library card application HERE